Kevin Maslowski has been an investigator for more than 19 years. A former investigator for the Office of Financial Regulation in Florida, he worked with federal and state prosecutors to resolve complex financial crimes and served as the lead investigator for more than 20 federally prosecuted cases. Kevin Maslowski now leverages this experience to serve as a senior investigator in Maine.

In his current role, Mr. Maslowski gathers information in a variety of ways, including interviewing victims, targets, and witnesses, and compiling financial data in Excel spreadsheets. He is also responsible for presenting his findings to state prosecutors, management, and regulatory attorneys, along with mentoring and assisting newer investigators for the state.

Throughout his career, Kevin Maslowski has earned several awards and honors. In 2007, the FBI awarded him a Certificate of Appreciation for his involvement in the prosecution of a multimillion-dollar mortgage foreclosure and bank fraud case. The following year, the US Department of Justice granted him the Agent of the Year award. Mr. Maslowski was also chosen by the Florida Law Enforcement Training Center to present a mandatory financial crimes training class for all new agents.


Kevin Maslowski